Aaaah! The Stomach Flu and Prophylaxis

So, I think I posted my first flu post 2 weeks ago and have been treating it non-stop ever since. It turns out my daughter had the stomach flu; this is an addendum to my last post, when I thought she had the flu-flu.

So the painful pooping would pass early each morning, upon waking. Other symptoms included fever, extreme nausea, vomiting and weakness and diarrhea – though my daughter only had the fever, weakness and diarrhea symptoms.  The urgent need to get to the toilet, with painful cramping in the lower abdomen, alleviated once she had a bowel movement, were her remaining symptoms.This lasted 3 or 4 days beyond the initial onset with fever. I treated her periodically with remedies but nothing really affected this one symptom. ) Her pediatrician told me kids were getting sick for a full week, so maybe whatever I gave her helped to move her through it, but I don’t know. Maybe she had a milder case than others, or maybe she’s just plain tough. Franky, any of the three seem possible.

Because no remedy I gave arrested the stomach flu in its tracks, I don’t want to spout off what I tried. Nothing was a bullseye, however, one thing I can say about it is, if someone near you has it, Nux Vomica 30c (2 pellets under the tongue, let dissolve, no food or drink for 10 minutes before and after taking it) seems to nip it in the bud every time. Nobody else in our family got sick, luckily, and the minute I knew any of my clients had it, I advised others in the family to take a prophylactic dose of Nux Vomica, and nobody else in those families fell sick either. Worth it’s weight, that Nux Vomica.

That’s, as they* say, “All the news that’s fit to print.”


* The New York Times